MUSIC: Aversions Crown invades Earth with Xenocide


Aversions Crown [2017, Nuclear Blast]

Otherworldly has become synonymous with AVERSIONS CROWN, and Xenocide is certainly ‘out of this world’ heavy as the deathcore outfit continues to progress with new vocalist Mike Poida.

Right from the offering, AVERSIONS CROWN seduces the listener with furious drumming – provided by the technically gifted Jayden Mason – and ominous guitar leads in “Prismatic Abyss”.

Poida, meanwhile, showcases the range of his voice, which has added a completely new depth to the band because of his versatility. One of his biggest highlights of the album comes during “Ophiophagy” and is an aggressive overtone against a hauntingly clean background.

“I fear not your name.”

– Aversions Crown, “Erebus” –

Despite not abandoning what has worked on previous releases, AVERSIONS CROWN has built upon a sound that perfectly makes use of time and space. Further, the band continues to give fans fresh releases and lifts their feet off the ground with destructive breakdowns.

Xenocide is a can’t miss album that carries its listener on a defiant adventure of chaos and leaves them wanting more.


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