MUSIC: Our Last Night delivers on Young Dreams

Younger Dreams (Epitaph Records, 2015)

Younger Dreams (Epitaph Records, 2015)

On the heels of a successful World Tour, American post-hardcore band OUR LAST NIGHT delivered a complete album with their latest full-length release Younger Dreams, transporting the listener into a field of memories in the process.

The 11-track album released on Epitaph Records is lyrically powerful, highlighting the maturity and growth of the band evident since We Will All Evolve (2008) and Age of Ignorance (2012), while building musically on songs heard on the 2013 EP Oak Island.

Ahead of its release, the band said in a statement:

Younger Dreams is the most diverse album we have written yet. We hope that these songs bring joy, tears, and inspiration to our fans. With middle fingers in the faces of our skeptics and arms wide open to embrace loved ones we hope to find happiness together in Younger Dreams.

And the four-piece from New Hampshire left no stone unturned in their quest to achieve their desired effect through such a simple concept as younger dreams instantly evokes certain feelings and memories.

The band debuted the album’s first single “Home” while on their 2015 World Tour with PALISADES and it was worthy preview of what listeners could expect from the full release.

Frontman Trevor and guitarist Matt Wentworth once again share singing duties, something fans of the band have become accustomed to over previous releases, and the duo are flawless throughout, most notably on songs like “White Tiger” and “Diamonds”.

And while Trevor’s unclean vocals have been reduced, they feature heavily in “Living Now”, an overall complete track, and “Imaginary Monster”, which sit atop a fierce breakdown.

Although Matt does not stray too far from the formula that produced tremendous results on Age of Ignorance and Oak Island, he still pumps out fresh songs with intricately layered and creative parts, further showcasing his talents as a composer.

Highlights include the final two tracks “Forgotten Souls” and “Barricades” as both are masterpieces with the former a piano driven song of emotion at its purist.

Catch OUR LAST NIGHT on Vans Warped Tour this summer starting June 19 in Pomona, California.

‘Take me back to younger dreams when times were easy and we believed.’


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