MUSIC: Likewise waiting for the incredible marked down prices of gourmet chocolates the day after Valentine’s?

CC BY-NC 2.0; aleba.fotos via Flickr.

CC BY-NC 2.0; aleba.fotos via Flickr.

Whilst Jimbo A1 gives his missus the same Asda bear as Jimbo A2 gives his and Jimbo A3 picks the most cliche day to propose, it’s time for everyone else to spice up a card store’s favourite day with some riffing tunes.

Saw someone on Facebook book their girlfriend of less than a month a trip to Rome. Wild days ahead.

There are hundreds of thousands of possible selections so here are just five avoiding cliche songs with an extensive honourable mention at the end:

5. “For You” – Killswitch Engage 

As Daylight Days was riddled with lyrics about romance/friendship but “For You” has the most heartfelt bridge of any KSE song to date and that’s saying a lot considering they already have songs like “Rose of Sharyn”, “My Last Serenade” and “The End of Heartache” in their catalogue.

Not to mention that bridge guitar riff is genius.

4. “New England Conference” – The Midnight Renewal

If Shakespeare got up out of his grave for a shout out in a song it would be this one because it is such a tragic song lyrically, even the great Edgar Allan Poe would tip his hat in approval.

3. “My X” – Rae Sremmurd

Whether or not Valentine’s Day is being spent with a new someone or no one, Rae Sremmurd covers all monetary based gains one may have fallen into in this aggressive jam because you should’ve used your head… you could’ve had a cheque.

CC BY-NC 2.0; SaraPritchard via Flickr.

CC BY-NC 2.0; SaraPritchard via Flickr.

2. “Another Heart Calls” – The-All American Rejects

The entire AAR discography could have been listed but everything about this song is perfect, from Tyson Ritter to Nick Wheeler and Allison Pearce’s guest spot.

1. “Romance Is Dead” – Parkway Drive

2005 was a great year because Parkway Drive gave the downtrodden and hurt singles of the 21st century an anthem [of sorts], which perfectly captured their feelings – whatever those might have been for an angsty teenager.

Romance Is Dead also delivered one of the most memorable one-liners in a song that mums probably even know.

Honourable mention: Time To Break Up – Blink 182; Nightmare of You (album) – Nightmare of You; A Love Like War – All Time Low; Atreyu’s discography; Natalie Imbruglia – Torn; Sk8er Boi – Avril Lavigne; Here Goes Nothin’ – Never Shout Never; Check Yes Juliet – We The Kings; Across the Ocean (Acoustic) – Our Last Night; Deathmask Divine – The Black Dahlia Murder; Lie to My Face – Carnifex; Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s.


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