SAY WHAT: s’tahw eht zzub ta repuS lwoB aideM yaD?

CC BY-ND 2.0; WEBN-TV via Flickr.

CC BY-ND 2.0; WEBN-TV via Flickr.

Super Bowl XLIX is just mere days away and the official team Media Days have produced some fantastic stories, including one of the most heartbreaking involving four of man’s best friend.

1. Video: Skittles got Marshawn Lynch to break his media silence via Sports Illustrated

So much media attention has surrounded Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch because of his dynamic performances on the field. For someone whose play garnishes said attention, he’s not one who wants it. He just him and his organisation seems to be perfectly fine allowing him to be ‘Shawn. To be Beast Mode.

He made repeated use of the answer, “I’m here so I don’t get fined” and “You know I’m here” to avoid a reported $500,000 fine from the NFL. According to sources, he doesn’t think too highly or have much respect for his employer — the Average Joe would probably be walking out of the building with his things in a box if they said that.

Marshawn doesn’t need to talk. He shouldn’t be forced to. This day and age, so many people say, “I let my playing do the talk” but don’t back it. Beast Mode was fourth in rushing yards in 2014 with 1,306 on 28.6% less carries than the League leader, DeMarco Murray. Lynch was second in yards after contact during the regular season and posted a career-high of 17 total touchdowns — 13 rushing and four receiving.

Let Marshawn be Marshawn because that’s what’s real, he’s himself. It’s minute but he gave a sample to back it up in an E:60 Feature.

Everyone has a desire to go Beast Mode, whether it be on the field or in the office. Marshawn summed up the feeling: “You don’t feel in Beast Mode. It feels you.”

2. Video: Richard Sherman busts out a salsa dance at Super Bowl Media Day via

Those Stanford guys are something else… not only smart but they can dance as well.

Richard Sherman is the anti-Marshawn Lynch and that’s what makes the Seattle Seahawks so entertaining to follow. They have such unique and diverse personalities and their players aren’t afraid to show it. So many teams are “letter to the law” and it’s refreshing that Pete Carroll allows his players to be free because he does it himself.

3. Seattle Seahawks’ Michael Bennett made the most of Super Bowl Media Day via The Washington Post 

Michael Bennett made clear that he is the, probably one of the many, Badass Billy Gunn of the NFL — a bonafide an ass man.

In particular his wife’s.

He stole the show on Monday at Media Day, answering a host of questions that tread on the boundaries between TV safe and a complaint from the FCC.

Is it a dream of everyone’s to step up to a microphone and give a shout out to their ‘ features preference’?

*Hand up*

His best response to a question: “No sex after Wednesday. Gonna save it all until after Sunday.”


CC BY-ND 2.0; WEBN-TV via Flickr.

CC BY-ND 2.0; WEBN-TV via Flickr.

4. Watch: Gronk reads his erotic novel at media day via

In 2014, Gronk fanatic Lacey Noonan released her 38-page erotic fiction novel entitled A Gronking to Remember: Book One in the Rob Gronkowski Erotica Series, which is available for sale on Amazon Kindle for $2.80.

Rob Gronkowski has had an interesting start to his week in Arizona. It all started when slept through a fire alarm at their hotel. And now, a report has finally succeeded in getting the Patriot to read a passage from a book he inspired.

A snippet of the book’s “hot ‘n’ heavy” description reads:

When the ball shoots into the stratosphere, Leigh’s heart goes apitter-patter and she becomes seriously turned on. Now normally-sheepish Leigh can’t stop thinking about it. She’d never given a second thought to football, but now the primal power of the Gronk Spike, and this raw monster of a man, Rob Gronkowski, is all that she wants, and she’ll stop at nothing until the romance of a lifetime is hers.

Huh? If you plan on stealing the best tight-end in the League for potentially “BiBi-Jones-esque things”, at least wait until after the Super Bowl.

If the video of Gronk reading a short passage doesn’t do it, read some of the best A Gronking reviews.

5. Patriot’s Alan Branch playing with heavy heart after death of his dogs via Boston Globe

Media Day does well to remind fans that professional athletes are just as human as the rest of us, even if they are a 325 lbs. defensive tackle.

Ben Volin writes, “This one’s for Tonka. And Buick. And Francis. And Snickers.”

And Ben Volin is not referring to the American Toy company, car company, candy bar or the current pope of the Catholic Church.


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