MUSIC: Within the Ruins delivered top-rate gig in Leeds

CC BY-NC-ND 2.0; Kyle Gaddo via Flickr.

CC BY-NC-ND 2.0; Kyle Gaddo via Flickr.

Within the Ruins’ headlining performance at Leeds’ Key Club on Wednesday night was phenomenal, featuring several songs from Phenomena (E1 Music).

It was stop six of their near four week European tour with co-headliners, I DECLARE WAR (U.S.), and support-band, AVERSIONS CROWN (A.U.). It’s Within the Ruins first Euro run since Bonecrusher Fest 2012.

Drummer, ‘Drummer’, was heard saying: “Man, I couldn’t hear a thing out of the monitors but I was right in it. I felt my playing was on.”

It was. The entire band was locked in, putting in a performance that deserved praise. Guitarist, Joe Cocchi, wowed both regular and new fans alike, whilst Tim Goergen’s vocals have reached new heights since his debut on Invade. Andrew Tate won the on-stage butt-slapping battle between he and Goergen.

The Massachusetts based band teased the crowd with an older song, “Invade”, and then did well to balance their latest two releases.

Goergen’s comic book lyrics are unique and sparked interest with fans who asked how he decided on pursuing that concept.

Their set was a journey, like that of characters their songs on Phenomena are about. They captivate fans with comic-booked based agendas in songs like “Gods Amongst Men” and “Calling Card” — a fitting final song, which ends with a haunting message: “I will carve a smile into this pathetic world.”


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