NFL: Johnny Manziel’s party reportedly led to Josh Gordon’s suspension against Baltimore

CC BY 2.0; Erik Drost via Flickr

CC BY 2.0; Erik Drost via Flickr

Johnny Manziel’s 2014 stat line reads 18 of 35 for 175, 0 TDs and 2 INTs, 9 rushing attempts for 29 yards and 1 TD – and one heck of a party it seems.

The polarising figure that is Johnny Football stormed into the NFL as the Cleveland Browns’ 22nd pick in the 2014 Draft, but he sure didn’t wreck the league like he promised. Instead, he greatest moment was giving the bird to the Washington R******* in a preseason game, racking up a $12,000 fine in the process.

(It’s like the Redskins have become Lord Voldemort with certain media outlets refusing to refer to them by name: The Team Who Must Not Be Named and You Know Who.)

Josh Gordon returned from suspension in Week 12 against Atlanta and went off for 120 yards on eight catches. Since then, the former car salesman has amassed only 185 total receiving yards. It’s hard to say who is to blame: the QB or the WR. But neither Brian Hoyer nor Manziel could get the ball to playmakers, hence the four-game losing streak between the two.

In place of the injured Manziel, undrafted rookie Connor Shaw made his NFL debut. He honestly could have used Gordon. Shaw went 14 of 28 for 177 with one INT.

Hoyer’s future in Cleveland is uncertain and Manziel went back on his word that he would be more focused. Whilst Shaw might not have the flair of Johnny Football, he still has ability to scramble for positive yards and with time with the offence he could unset Manziel as the starter in 2015.

In regards to the party, it must’ve been a bomb. At 22, Manziel must bring in talent that only his eyes and Gronkowski’s eyes have seen within an arms reach. How does one get an invite to that shindig? Expect shots off bodies and a DJ heavily into his tunes. What springs to mind is Nelly’s video for “Tip Drill”,

For the rookie from A&M, it’s not about the stats; it’s about the beers swallowed.

Bottoms up, Manziel. Here’s to 2015 and here’s to Connor Shaw.


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