This programme contains product placement: Hats. Everywhere.

CC BY-SA 2.0; D Johnston via

CC BY-SA 2.0; D Johnston via

Spencer returned with a new lady after an extended absence from Made In Chelsea and his exes wasted no time in putting her through her paces.

Binky spent the entire episode still at odds with Fran, which came to a head at their front door when the two left with their dispute unresolved—Alex made it worse. What exactly are they arguing about again? Oh, yes, the fact that Fran dragged Binky into the ordeal with Sam. It’s petty. The lack of ownership is baffling and the word choice is horrific.

Not going to touch Tiff and Sam’s situation any further. That poor girl…

Josh Shepherd’s relationship is a freight train speeding down a mountain and he’s tossing around the “L” word, but by the looks of it, Stephanie is far more interested in snooping into Spencer’s new interest.

New girl Lauren Hutton isn’t interested in any attack on Spencer’s past. She’s allowing Spencer to control whether the pair succeeds or fails – it’s noble, but let’s be honest, it’s going to buckle for the benefit of the show.  It is nice to see someone with some sense though.

Alik Alfus continues to demonstrate why he’s the most normal individual on the show. The boy had to return to America to sort out his visa, so normal.

What was up with all that hats? Everyone was wearing some fancy hat?

Moment of the episode: Jamie and Andy’s quick discussion in the pub because who knew that wearing a jumper whilst out signified that one might be leaving? Learn something new everyday…


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