This programme contains product placement: Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me

CC BY-SA 2.0; Amanda Slater via Flickr

CC BY-SA 2.0; Amanda Slater via Flickr

Living the dream must mean being able to book a chateau in France on a whim for all your mates – it’s subjective though, really. 

Josh Shepherd is a man of wisdom. Stephanie Pratt is a woman of wisdom. 

The Sam and Tiff situation was the focal point of the episode, and too right it should be. Sam has continually swayed between nice guy and out-to-look-like-a-pimp so far this season and he’s made critical errors in his quest to land a Watson as a partner.

Please, don’t mess it up for the rest of us, lad.

With a fortune likely available at his disposal, he could have nipped down to the local HMV and bought the Made In Chelsea box set (season 4 onward) to see what he is up against, pursuing a Watson. It is a struggle – personal experience; jokes.

Tiff is young, yes, but to this point, Lucy has filled her sister’s head with her bad experiences, which is robbing Tiff the chance to make mistakes. Stephanie’s advice allowed her to see that a bit at least.

What Sam should be doing is fetching insight from Alik Alfus, who has been a gentleman to Louise. He walked her to the hairdresser’s for heaven’s sake!

On the subject, a minor continuation blip was Alik and Andy’s friendship. Alik is the most rational individual on the show, but no one else seems to understand. ‘Murica.

Moment of the episode: Fran Newman-Young.


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