This programme contains product placement: “We have drawn a line under that”… yet the uncertainty of crossing that line is filled with hesitation

CC BY-SA 2.0; N Chadwick via

CC BY-SA 2.0; N Chadwick via

If anything is to ever be learnt from Made In Chelsea – from Stevie especially – it’s that trying to protect one’s assets or interests, material/monetary and living, will more than likely see said individual end up in the doghouse looking foolish.

Alik Alfus is a smooth talker who knows how to make a lady blush: “Of all the parents that I’ve ever met, you [Louise’s mum] are without question my favourite.”

The boy was scooping ice cream by the tonne at the Oyster Bar, but Andy still likes to stir the sand and it is a great Made In Chelsea scenario: the ex and the current quickly becoming best mates, and Louise disapproves. Perfect.

But it is inevitable that Alik will have to make a choice, as every bit of advice that Andy feeds him isn’t fully without malice. Surely, he’s too enthralled by the essence of Louise to make the wrong choice, the “un-Chelsea” choice.

*Insert Toff face*

Josh has gotten on well with Stephanie and that development has left Stevie in pieces. Like said, it reveals his character in full: the envy, the discomfort, the brash, and the vulnerability. He is papier-mâché. He opens his mouth and words, not the right ones, come out. At the moment, breh, Josh has the last laugh.

Not even going to go anywhere near Tiff and Sam. Just going to let that play out because Sam is in hot water.

And that Illamasqua product placement is heavy as…

Moment of the episode: Victoria Baker-Harber’s little comment to George and Mark Francis after watching the silk girls.


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