This programme contains product placement: Does anyone else find it difficult to not stare at everyone’s eyebrows on Made In Chelsea?

CC BY-SA 2.0; Robin Stones via

CC BY-SA 2.0; Robin Sones via

Alik Alfus made it clear he was both livid and destroyed by news that his beloved couldn’t recall if she had cheated on him or not.

Don’t blame him. But that situation couldn’t have gotten any Chelsea-er. As lame as it may sound, the filming crew does so well capturing his character, that sensitivity and desire to pursue any avenue to make his relationship work with Louise. That’s commendable, yet it’s agreeable that he’s a bit of a mug as Andy says. Keep in mind all he gave up to move to England. Their ordeal has clearly not resolved and it’s merely been moved to the back burner for the sake of both their sanity.

On a happier/sour note, gents… buy a dog. Chivalry may be dead, but using a dog to get a date, and a second one, is still barking. Again, as lame as it sounds, Josh Shepherd’s intense eyes sapped all the confidence right out of close friend Stevie at the dinner party. Whilst it revealed how unsettled Stevie is by the constant threat that Stephanie might walk out of his life, it is a reminder that his swagger is artificial. In the grand scheme of things, it’d be good for his well being to let her go, but the programme isn’t predicated on common sense.

Toff has quickly become the show’s premier antagonist. She’s nosey, patronising, likes to meddle, and plain annoying, and it’s perfect. She’s so worried about her perception within the group that she’s willing to stoke the flames of another’s drama to find out. Judging by the previews of next week, poor Sam reminds us why the Watson’s are a smartly guarded pair.

Lastly, Mark Francis would play a posh Lucius Malfoy in a posh Harry Potter spin-off.

 Moment of the episode: A tie between Francis’, “If my eyes could have biceps…” line and Alik’s, “Way to bring this guy…” Had to leave it to the American to get the snarky remark in against Binky — go on lad.


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